Should I hire a PR agency to launch my game?

Here are 3 signs that say you should

Reverb has had the privilege to work with a wide range of clients. From gigantic titles like ARK and PUBG, to solo dev published indie games. The first question we often get asked is whether or not our potential client needs to hire a PR agency, or if not now, when? After meeting with these clients and helping them along, we’ve found three signs in particular that it is time for that client to bring us on board.

1: Your team’s expertise is not in PR

Got a killer game in the works, but getting the word out feels like uncharted territory for your in-house crew? This is where a PR agency can step in as your expert guide. A good agency will have the media connections and experience launching similar games. They’ll help strategize a go to market plan that generates the stories you need, targets the right media , and adds a sprinkling of promotional magic to give your game the spotlight. If your team’s more into code than crafting press releases, it’s a clear sign – PR agency time.

While your team might excel in game development, the intricacies of media relations, strategic communication, and effective promotion might not be within their realm of expertise. A proficient PR agency acts as a bridge, leveraging their established connections and experience to navigate the complex landscape of promoting your game.

2: Launch Day Is Looming

You’ve got a game launch on the horizon – congrats! But, let’s be real, a launch isn’t just about hitting ‘publish.’ It’s a whole event. A solid comms plan is essential for a game’s success, –from distributing the press release to securing previews and reviews, this is where a PR agency can really help if you’re launching your first title.. They know the gaming scene, have long standing connections in the media, and help give your release the attention it deserves from day one. 

Building up to launch day takes time. We find that most game devs should start thinking about launching 6-8 months in advance. This gives a game the best chance to navigate the competitive landscape and enough time to focus on asset creation. This gives a PR agency enough time to help craft copy for Steam pages, press releases and advertising among other things and make sure the timing for all of these is perfect.

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3: You’re Playing Guesswork with Your Audience

Not sure who your game is speaking to or struggling to connect with your target players? Enter the PR agency. They’ll help you define your audience, fine-tune messaging, and identify the channels most effective for promoting your game. If you’re feeling a bit lost in the audience jungle, a PR agency is your compass.

Finding the right audience is the key to success for most games in the competitive landscape. Most games fail or succeed from their ability to connect to their potential audience. Every year fantastic titles go entirely unnoticed because their marketing and PR failed to connect them to players who would appreciate their titles. However, every year we also see huge success cases from games who manage to put their title right in front of their audience’s eyes. This is where correct advertising, influencer marketing and the right messaging can take your game to the top of Steam charts.

So if your team is new to PR and could better use the time adding features or fixing bugs, you’ve got a big launch around the corner, or you’re playing a guessing game with your audience, it might just be the perfect time to bring in a PR agency. 

Now, we might be biased here but if you’re looking for a fantastic PR agency, we’d love to help. Over the years we’ve found lots of clients coming to us after having worked with other PR agencies and left feeling like they were unsure of what the agency had done for their success. This is why we specialize in transparency and making sure we are equipping your team with the right knowledge, right data and right connections to make your team understand the progress your game has made. We find it’s better to have open dialogue with our clients and help to embolden them.

Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation if you think it might be the right time to bring on a PR agency for your game.