Build Video Game Influencer Partnerships

Unleash the Power of Gaming Influencers: Amplifying Your Games Through Strategic Partnerships and Organic Promotions. Join Reverb’s network of over 6,500 livestreamers and content creators, enhanced by our collaboration with, for unparalleled exposure in the gaming community. Our influencer relations team, backed by a track record of success with top titles, ensures your game reaches its peak potential with strategic organic and paid promotions.


The video game influencer landscape is constantly evolving, and our team remains at the forefront of these changes. We specialize in crafting and executing influencer campaigns tailored to highlight the distinctive features and objectives of each video game or hardware product. Our proprietary platform,, boasts a roster of thousands of top-tier influencers. However, it’s our personalized connections that truly set us apart.

Through our established relationships with content creators and influencers across gaming, tech, lifestyle, and various other niches, we secure strategic organic and paid promotions that ensure maximum exposure.

The Reverb team has consistently delivered successful influencer campaigns for software, hardware, and event promotions, solidifying our reputation as leaders in fostering impactful relationships within the influencer space.

We can handle:

  • Organic Influencer Outreach
  • Sponsored Influencer Negotiations and Contracts
  • Key Distribution and Coverage Tracking
  • Custom Influencer Activations and Events
  • Micro and Macro Influencer Campaigns