Founded in 2003, Reverb Communications has been a leader in the video game PR and marketing space for 20+ years. Our mission is to create campaigns ultimately geared toward driving product sales. From the early days launching Guitar Hero, to pioneering an indie game publisher Reverb TripleXP, to the mega-launches of Rocket League, PUBG, and ARK: Survival Evolved, we are constantly stepping up to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.


At Reverb Communications, we specialize in video game marketing, influencer and public relations, and our expertise extends far beyond traditional boundaries. Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience collaborating closely with in-house teams at renowned game development studios and publishers worldwide. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics involving IP holders, developers, internal product and corporate PR  teams, all intricately intertwined to deliver creative programs and successful product launches.

Our campaigns are specifically tailored to each product with the goal of driving industry awareness by utilizing our network of media through game demos / play sessions, product features, press events, reviews and previews and creative programs, which ultimately lead to product sales. Our leadership team will ensure that your product and executive staff is fully prepared for media interviews, press demos and crisis management. 

The Reverb team will develop targeted ad campaigns and identify influencers whose audience will be highly receptive to your game. We regularly work with all first parties to ensure visibility and deliver promotional placement and event features.  Our commitment extends to supporting in-house marketing and executive teams, focused on achieving high product visibility and engagement. We also offer end-to-end solutions for the marketing and PR needs of independent development studios, ensuring that you can allocate your resources to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. The mission is clear: we will craft a stellar campaign so you can dedicate your resources to creating an extraordinary gaming experience.