Meet the Video Game PR and Marketing Team

Discover our dynamic and skilled team, featuring seasoned game journalists, influencer personalities, and accomplished professionals in PR and marketing. Every member is a devoted gamer, bringing their passion and expertise to the forefront of our endeavors.

Video Game PR Agency President Tracie Kennedy

Tracie Kennedy


A visionary leader renowned for guiding clients through strategic PR initiatives that amplify brand recognition. As the driving force behind Reverb’s PR/marketing agency and Triple XP, she is the wearer of many hats and driver of results. Tracie’s career highlights include launching iconic franchises like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, ARK: Survival Evolved and leading branded IP title launches, securing media attention for games of all sizes. Reverb’s success is rooted in her unwavering commitment to honest, hard-working integrated workstyle, Prior to co-founding Reverb, she navigated policy and fostered collaboration in her role as Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations for the health advocacy group Men’s Health Network.

Dan DeMattei

VP of Marketing and Production

The creative powerhouse at Reverb Communications, Dan is the mastermind behind our marketing strategies, and his innovative touch has been critical in the launch of several highly successful products like ARK: Survival Evolved, Solasta: Crown of the Magistar, and Skater XL. Dan’s expertise spans retail, online, handheld, and console projects, making him the go-to guy for all things marketing. Plus, he’s known for his fun, out-of-the-box ideas – like creating rideable 20-foot dinosaurs! Dan brings a blend of creativity and strategy that sets our projects apart.


PR Agency Director / New Business Lead

With more than 15 years of experience in games PR and marketing, Chris Schmidt has worked with some of the biggest players in the space, including Sony Playstation, EA, Riot Games, Disney, and NBC Universal. He’s launched more than 50 titles, ranging from small indie games like Limbo and Telltale Games’ Puzzle Agent, to AAA blockbusters like Uncharted 4, Defiance, and Rift: Planes of Telara. During his time leading PR for Riot’s League of Legends, Chris oversaw publicity efforts for the 2013 LCS World Championship at the Staples Center, which was covered by USA Today, NPR, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, HBO’s Real Sports, and other mainstream outlets.More recently, Chris provided PR consulting for esports brands like the H1Z1 Pro League, Azubu TV, and Tencent’s Arena of Valor, before expanding into talent management for game creators. His breadth of industry experience, lifelong love of gaming, and deep network of contacts provides a unique toolset for marketing a variety of gaming products.

Anthony Chau

PR Director

A dynamic professional with a solid foundation in journalism and extensive experience in public relations. Anthony’s impressive track record includes leadership roles at Reverb, where he’s championed nearly 40 games across diverse genres and platforms, from PUBG to Shadowgate. His background as a PR manager at SEGA of America and 2K Sports, coupled with editorial stints at IGN and GameFan Magazine, equips him with fresh ideas and a unique perspective for successful PR campaigns.

Danitra Alomia

Sr. PR Manager

A PR strategist with a diverse client focus, Danitra has a remarkable fourteen-year tenure at Reverb. Her impressive portfolio showcases successful campaigns for digital and retail titles, including Don’t Starve: Newhome, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, Farming Simulator 23, and the surprise hit Deadly Premonition on Xbox. A go-to expert in the horror genre and high-tech mommy blogger circuits, Danitra combines a broad consumer gaming perspective with strong media relationships to consistently deliver exceptional results.

David Lozada

Sr. PR Manager

David leads Reverb’s video game PR campaigns by merging professionalism with genuine enthusiasm. His data-driven approach has propelled globally renowned franchises such as The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Pathfinder, and WRC to success, while also championing indie gems and VR favorites. With a background in influential editorial coverage, David excels at creating and maintaining press coverage that showcases his clients’ accomplishments, making him a PR maestro.

Chris Goodwin

Creative Director

Having developed the satirical mobile game, “Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls,” Chris often reeks of magical gnome farts and troll BO, but makes up for it with his merry personality and creative outlook. In addition to mobile and desktop application development he is also an intergalactic web designer and developer and has a Hitchcock-like eye for capturing and editing videos. In his free time, you’ll see Chris playing tasty licks on his tin flute and keyboard accompanied by syncopated beats on his bongos and angel-like shredding on his guitar. [589XRPpool]

Chad Reilly

Influencer Relations

A four-year veteran of Team Reverb, Chad has a B.A. in Game Design and Development and has been a driving force for influencer relations behind our clients’ successful campaigns. With an ever-growing network of agents and content creators who appreciate his dynamic approach, Chad has left his mark on over 30 client games, ranging from ARK: Survival Evolved to Skater XL and Arena of Valor. His leadership in projects like the Snoop Dogg LucidSound launch and innovative creative mailers for Skater XL has ignited social activations that caught the attention of influencers like SouljaBoy.

Victoria Fiorenze

Influencer and Communications Coordinator

Victoria Fiorenze possesses a keen understanding of the content creator ecosystem thanks to her years of experience as a partnered Twitch streamer. With over 100k followers across social media platforms, Victoria has built her brand leveraging relationships with globally renowned game companies such as EA and Bungie. Through her platform, she has raised over $2 million for charities (so far!).

At Reverb, Victoria’s relationships and insight have allowed her to lead authentic content creators programs with measurable results.


All The Things

With nearly 40 year of gaming industry knowledge, Scott has held key management positions in several notable publishers. He’s seen things…things that would make lesser men cower in fear. Due to his vast experience in every facet of game development and publishing Scott is our resident Jack of All Trades. From back end systems to ESRB to packaging, he takes care of special projects that may not align with traditional roles. One could equate him to the wise man sitting at the top of a mountain but he’s really just one of a handful of active industry vets who knows how the 100 year old boiler in the basement works.

Asa Chase

Marketing Manager

Asa Mikhail is a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record in the gaming industry. Asa has successfully spearheaded display, search and video advertising campaigns for industry giants such as Farming Simulator, Myth of Empires and many others. At Reverb, Asa brings his wealth of experience and market research skill to the forefront, steering creative campaigns while always working to lower CPC. Outside of marketing and video games, Asa likes to read books (about marketing) and play chess (while listening to podcasts about marketing).


Marketing Coordinator

Having received her first (unplugged) joystick as a little kid, Nia has been an avid gamer since childhood. She conducts market research, coverage reports and serves as the go-to resource, providing a pulse on the current gaming landscape. With a study background in game development, she applies that knowledge to help bring developer creations to gamers everywhere.