What creative services do video game PR agencies offer?

If you’re a new developer, you’re likely hard at work making your first great game and don’t have  time or the experience to create websites, trailers or brand identity. This is where a creative services agency can help

Let’s take a look at some common services agencies offer:

1: Product Branding

Establishing your brand identity should be your first marketing priority. This can be as simple as creating a logo or as complex as developing a full brand bible. Even choosing the right palette to match the right feelings your work encourages can make all of the difference. Video game PR agencies can help with product branding that adds the finishing touches that all too often get looked over by developers and help games stand out from the crowd.

2: Video Creation

Video assets are incredibly important in the game space. They are often the most compelling way to showcase your game, and it’s standard practice to release a trailer with most press announcements. For a six month game launch campaign, you should plan for 4-6 trailers or gameplay videos.   We live in a video-first era, so your trailers need to stand out from the pack since they are often the first piece of content consumers will see. If you’re a small team with limited marketing resources, consider hiring out for video production. Some comms agencies (Reverb, for example) have a dedicated creative services team that can take raw in-game capture footage and create video content based on your vision. An agency creative team will know just how to cut, edit and record a compelling piece of content for your game that showcases the right moments.

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3: Website Creation

Your company website is often the first place potential customers go for information.  Top brands in this space spend millions every year just on site optimization alone because of how important a great website is in helping the sales funnel into a conversion. You don’t have to spend millions to build a high-quality site and SEO consultants. There are agencies with creative teams that specialize in video game company websites and branding relatively cheaply. 

And if you’re working with an agency that also does your PR and marketing, your creative service team will be integrated into the overall campaign. Just make sure your creative services contractor has the experience and understands the game space. 

These are only some of the avenues agencies use to promote games. Book a free 15-minute consultation with us by emailing us at hello@reverbinc.com  and we can help identify what would work best for you.